drum-tec Mesh Upgrade für Alesis DM10 Studio (design mesh heads)

drum-tec Mesh Upgrade für Alesis DM10 Studio
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NEU!! UPGRADE für Alesis DM10 Studio  zum "MeshKit"

Sie besitzen bereits ein DM10 Studio ??

Dann ZAUBERN SIE jetztmit diesem UPGRADE aus Ihrem Alesis DM10 Studio ein leises und wunderbares MeshKit

Das UPGRADE wird Sie mit Spielspaß, super Feeling und „Freundliche Nachbarn“ erfreuen. Die optimierten Spieleigenschaften erreichen wir durch unser neu entwickeltes „drum-tec silencer inlay“ und den High-End drum-tec design Mesh Heads. 
Zurückbau in den Originalzustand ist jederzeit innerhalb weniger Minuten möglich!


  • 5x 08" drum-tec Design mesh head mit Silence Inlay.
  • 1x 10" drum-tec Design mesh head mit Silence Inlay.
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Good product, bad service

I ordered the mesh upgrade and I like it, it's a good product. But when I got it, I found out it didn't include the rim silencers... Ok, my bad. No problem. So I tried to buy them then, but I couldn't because it didn't get to be enough money for drumtec to sell them and send them to me (in Spain). So I contacted them, told them the problem and they just answered that I didn't reach the amount for them to sell them to me (even though I just had bought them the full kit a few days ago). I asked for a solution for this... And never came. I ended up buying the rim silencers somewhere else, very disappointed with DrumTec.

drum-tec Team 11.12.2017

Hello Cesar,

we are very sorry for your disappointing experience. This does not meet our customer service philosophy at all.

It is true, the rim noise eliminators are not part of the product you've purchased. Also, for international orders we have a country specific minimum order value which always refers to the current order, and not to past purchases for which the shipping process is already finalized.

We are so sorry that we communicated so badly - it is our mission to always find a way! We hope that you are still satisfied with your mesh head upgrade and enjoy playing very much!

Your drum-tec team

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