drum-tec Rimnoise-Eliminator Pro 4,5 Meter

drum-tec Rimnoise-Eliminator Pro 4,5 Meter
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RimNoise Eliminator Pro

Extrem haltbarer Rimnoise Eliminator, Gummiprofil, zur Montage auf allen Handelsüblichen Spannreifen, verringert die Lautstärke bei Rimshots bzw. Kantenschlägen. Absolut sicherer Sitz durch angepasstes Profil für handelsübliche Spannreifen.
Länge 4,5 m, ausreichen für folgende Kesselgrößen: 12", 13", 14", 16"

Bewertungen 8

Passt perfekt, tut, was es soll

Eine echte Aufwertung für mein kleines selbst gebautes Hybrid-Clubset. Die 2box -Trigger sitzen ein bisschen stramm auf den Gummis, aber es funktioniert alles gut


Drummer since 1985 in Acoustic drums - 1 year on hybrid electronic drumming

Even if the rim noise eliminator arrives without his own sleevebag ,the installation to the rims became little difficult , after i finally installed them shows their character, a strong durable product , moveless in place, cut the hitting noises perfectly and i'm finally very happy with this buy!
Thanks Drumtec


Good by itself

Good product by itself, resistant even to heavy hits. But sadly not compatible with my Tama Starcast hoops :-/

drum-tec Team 27.04.2020

Hey J-Marie,

thank you for letting us know!



Stay on place

These rim protectors is a bit thicker than the DDT ones but the big difference is, I cover 25% of my snare rim, that they stay on place. You have to struggle a bit to remove them. Good job Drum-tec!


Good Stuff

Fits pretty tight and doesn't move when hit. I was a little skeptical beforehand, I'm a heavy hitter :) Though make sure you have a sharp blade or paper cutter for smooth edges, otherwise this material will not be easily severed and look too rough I guess!
The sound and feeling are actually very good and my triggers work just fine. Let's see how long it will last!


more rim shots

Fits firm on the hoop. Decent noise reduction and protects the drumsticks from dents. Had to increase the rim gain on my 2box module but triggers fine. Recommended for any acoustic converted ekit.



Realy Great product and

Really great product and easy instalation,I am satisfied,reall satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!


fits snuggly over the hoops... and gives a good signal to the triggers.
What more can be asked?! ;-)

Oh... and 4,5m is also enough for a 14" snare, 14" tom, 16" floortom and 18" floortom!

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