Tama HS80W Roadpro Snare-Ständer

Tama HS80W Roadpro Snare-Ständer
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Tama HS80W Roadpro Snareständer

  • Roadpro Serie
  • doppelstrebig
  • Farbe: Silber
  • Material: Stahl
  • Maximale Höhe: 640 mm
  • Mindesthöhe: 495 mm

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Does the job

This is a snare stand that works very well for my 13 inch ATV snare. It can go high enough because my length is 1.94 m. With this order I also bought the Roch Classics Sound Edition for the TD17 I use with my ATV EXS-5. This was my first order at drum-tec and I can say, it won't be my last! I placed the order on Thursday and received it on Tuesday. Super! I live in The Netherlands. I already have my wish list filled so I'll be back... Drum-Tec!

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